JoJo Reflects On ‘The High Road’ Promo Tour

Pop singer JoJo, wearing purple, reflects on her trip promoting 'The High Road'Pepsi Smash’s Track Episode 6 features JoJo discussing her recent promo trip for ‘The High Road’ and a review of the previous five episodes, reflecting on long trips, what she’ll do in her time off and having a feeling of accomplishment.

“Preparing to go home from a long trip is pretty stressful,” JoJo confessed. “It’s pretty much always frantic. I usually forget something.”

In her time off, JoJo said, “I’m gonna unwind a bit but not too much, because I’ve got to put my show together with my band, so that’s gonna be a lot of work, and I’m turning sixteen in December.”

Reflecting on the promo tour that was documented by a video crew, she said, “This was a great trip. This was a lot of fun. It’s a feeling of accomplishment, but like I always keep saying, I am always thinking about how I can be stronger. There’s so much more I have to do, and going back home I’m going to put together my full-length show.”

Watch the last episode below.

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