Jon McLaughlin Album Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes

Jon McLaughlin wearing a t-shirt posted some behind the scenes footage from a photo shoot with his photographer friend Cliff for his new record, which is coming out September 6th. It will be the Indian artist’s first new album since his 2008 sophomore effort ‘OK Now’.

“Hi, we are at the photo shoot today. My name is Jon,” the singer songwriter said before introducing the lensman. “Cliff is a professional photographer. You see we have all these things that probably don’t do anything, but he brought them.” As for that notepad he was using as a prop during the shoot, Jon said, “You probably think, oh he’s not really writing in this notebook. He’s just pretending. No, I’m really writing. I’m writing a note to my wife, Amy. It says, ‘Amy, I hope it’s okay that I’m writing in this notebook right now. I don’t think you ever use it.'”

Watch the clip via YouTube below.

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