Jon McLaughlin Excited Before Next Week’s ‘OK Now’ Release

Jon McLaughlin

Jon McLaughlin checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jonmclaughlin) on Tuesday (September 30), a week before he releases his second album ‘Ok Now’ on Island Records. The Anderson, Indiana singer songwriter tells readers:

So I’m in St. Louis right now, sitting in my hotel room writing this blog to you all to let you know that it’s October. Guys, it’s OCTOBER!!
We have only 1 week until the new record comes out.
168 hours from right now.

I am really excited. This is me excited. I want to thank all you guys who bought “Indiana” and made that record such a success and I really hope you all go out and buy this new one. If you liked “Indiana” then you’ll like this one, I think it’s even better.

7 days…

Ok now… Hope all is well with everyone -j-

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