Jonas Brothers ‘Bounce’ Video Ft. Demi Lovato & Big Rob

Jonas Brothers are out with the video to their song ‘Bounce’, featuring Demi Lovato and their bodyguard Big Rob. Watch the Nick Jonas produced video via the sibling pop trio’s YouTube channel below.

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7 thoughts on “Jonas Brothers ‘Bounce’ Video Ft. Demi Lovato & Big Rob

  1. HA says:

    “Out with the video to their song”? LOL. The song in and of itself is just a goof.

  2. Ashley says:

    I like this video

  3. randy says:

    Jonas Brothers need to do more videos like this again. Hopefully they don’t break up because of Nick’s solo ambitions

  4. Nicole says:

    Hey I’m Nicole,im 17 years old and congratulations Kevin Jonas And Danielle Deleasa and happy B-DAY Joe and Nick like Miley said “The Cute Sensitive One” and Frankie is he 10 years old or 9? ok see ya!

  5. Paisa says:

    I love Joe I think that he is cute with his glasses omg he is hot

  6. tabitha rawlins says:

    oh wow Nick I’m your biggest fan

  7. Sydney says:

    I love that video

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