Jonas Brothers Identify More With The Bee Gees Than *NSYNC Or BSB

The Daily Mail spoke with the , where eldest member Kevin broke down where the sibling musical trio fits in the pop landscape.

“We see ourselves as a pop rock group,” the 20-year-old told Adrian Thrills. “We don’t do dance routines. We try to rock out. People classify us as a boy band because they see the reaction of the girls when we play live. But, hey, that can’t be a bad thing. On stage, we’re all having a blast. When we started making records, we looked to groups such as and the for inspiration. But we have far more in common with the Bee Gees. I love their harmonies and the way they reinvented themselves. We met Barry Gibb and he has become a friend of the family. He told us to take things slowly and enjoy ourselves.”

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