Jonas Brothers’ ‘Introducing Me’ Sounds A Lot Like Jason Mraz’s ‘I’m Yours’

‘Showbiz Tonight’ profiled whether the are in crisis in wake of leaving their tour, Disney canceling ‘JONAS L.A.’ and now claiming the sibling pop trio ripped off his son ‘I’m Yours’ with their tune ‘Introducing Me’. Brian Balthazar of and Janell Snowden of VH1 News. Watch it via below the cut.

Update: Jason blogged about the controversy on Thursday:

Last Monday I jokingly tweeted:

“Someone said theres a Jonas Bros Camp Rock tune that rips I’m Yours. So I bought it & think I should sue.. for the 1.29 I wasted on iTunes.”

(Of course, I did also mention in public that I thought the song was terrible.)

Nevertheless, people HEARD that as if I was really going to file a suit. People began retweeting my words without the 1.29 punchline. One major news program said I was “reportedly mad” at the Jonas Bros. Perez Hilton’s website used the word HATE.

The reaction has been an extraordinary demonstration of how we apply meaning to things, and what happens when an idea enters the diminishing world of gossip.

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