Jonas Brothers On The AMA Red Carpet

Twist Magazine caught up with the on the red carpet at Sunday night’s ‘American Music Awards’ in Los Angeles, where the sibling pop trio were asked about ideas for the music video for their new single ‘Tonight’, their thoughts on the awards, if they had planned a speech if they won the Breakthrough Artist award (which they did), getting pumped up by the fans, and looking forward to seeing Coldplay and Kanye West.

“The video is actually a compilation of shots from our 3D movie we just shot. We’re very excited about the way it turned out. We just got a cut of it. It looks great,” Nick said about the video.

As for what they were looking forward to at the AMAs, Nick said, “We’re very excited about this show in particular because we were here last year and we performed and we’re up this year for Breakthrough Artist, which is truly an honor, and we perform again.”

Asked if they get nervous before performing, Nick said, “We don’t get too nervous, we just get very excited.”

Talking about performances they were looking forward to, Kevin said, “Coldplay, Kanye West, all these amazing performances.”

Watch the clip via YouTube below.

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