Jonas Brothers Talk Tour, Honor Society With KIIS FM

KIIS FM’s Karli from the Block spoke with the after the Honor Society concert at the House of Blues in Hollywood, talking with the sibling pop trio about how they discovered the group, getting ready for the world tour and its unique stage configuration, and what they look for in good music.

Asked about what fans could look forward to on their upcoming tour, Joe said, “I think we should look forward to a lot of It’s gonna be a bunch of best friends hanging out on stage. It should be a lot of fun.”

Questioned about their role in designing the tour sets and music choice, Kevin said, “We actually built a 3 dimensional model of the stage. The scale is in the office. It’s really, really funny. The stage is actually gonna be 144 feet long, and it’s in the round, so there’s so many front row seats all the way around. There’s so many areas for people to be close to us compared to an end stage where you can be really really far. We wanted to be as close as we could to as many people as possible.”

Talking about what the look for in good music, Joe said, “I think for us, good music, I think when we hear good music I think it’s just the attitude of the songs. The way they look. How they present themselves. I think the energy level, and also if they love playing music and that’s their dream and they’re living out the dream.”

Watch the brief interview via YouTube below.

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