Jordan Bratman Helps Christina Aguilera Disinfect Her ‘Dirrty’ Image

The Enquirer reports Christina Aguilera’s boyfriend Jordan Bratman can be credited for the ‘Dirrty’ singer cleaning up her image, most notably by removing all her piercings except the one on her right nipple. “Christina really is crazy in love with Jordan, who works for her management company,” an insider revealed. “After Jordan commented that body piercings cheapened her look, Christina removed them. She says she did it as proof of her love for him. Almost overnight, her image changed. She’s dumped her ‘hooker’ look and has undergone a 180-degree image change. And certainly, her new look has paid off. In addition to becoming a celebrity face for Versace’s Italian label, MAC cosmetics and Skechers footwear, she’s also pursuing a promising acting career.”

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