Jordan Knight Puts On Lousy Show In Minneapolis

Former member didn’t make a good impression with fans at a performance in Minneapolis at Fine Line, according to the Star Tribune. “He barely sang or danced. His DJ did most of the work. Jordan pretty much was playing around with the keyboard. He also seemed to be ‘not all there’,” said Stacy Siewert, who attended the gig. Her friend Angela Lee added, “He was really graphic and embarrassing on stage. So icky.” Knight also wasn’t up to signing autographs.

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3 thoughts on “Jordan Knight Puts On Lousy Show In Minneapolis

  1. XxmissyxX says:

    Jordan has gone off the deep end. face it.. He’s definitely NOT the same Jordan he was 10-15 years ago (with my fave boyband ever…NKOTB). lol. I met him in January and he so did not care to talk to me or take a pic with me or anything. he just looked bothered…so I didn’t bother trying. how sad. if he only knew…i still like NKOTB. haha. I think he’s gay and I think he’s a druggie…he sucks! he’s so mean.

  2. princessducky says:

    He use to be my favorite NKOTB too!

  3. Pesky says:

    Oh to be in the 5th grade again snuggling with my Jordan sleeping bag.

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