Jordan McCoy Has A Weakness For Guys’ Hair

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@jordanmccoy) earlier today, discussing ten things fans might not know about the Bad Boy pop artist. Among them:

5. Every time I get change back for something, I leave all the pennies on the ground heads up

6. I drink Oolong tea with honey everyday

7. I’m a closet Asia fan lol

8. My favorite thing about guys is their hair!!! Seriously, I can’t turn some one down if they have amazing hair!.. its my weakness!

9. Two of my favorite Beatles songs are Dear Prudence and Yesterday

10. I love living a chaotic, unpredictable life. But I have just as much fun when I get to go home, hang out with my sisters and old friends, and do the same ridiculous stuff that we used to do! I think it’s extremely important to never forget where you come from and the people who love you.

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