Jordan Pruitt Going Back Into The Studio Soon

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@jordanpruitt) on Wednesday ( 9), talking about resuming work on her new album after having some time off. The 18-year-old pop singer writes:

I’m at home right now! I actually have a little time off here, but I’m definitely still hard at work! I’m going back into the studio soon and writing and recording some more new stuff. I’m really excited to record again :) The studio is what I call my second home haha! Anyways, I’ve been spending loads of time with my family and best friends. I went to a high school football game last Friday, because all of my close friends are Seniors in high school! It’s nice to just relax when I’m home! And I’m also going to LA soon for an event I’m singing at! Super stoked, and I even get to bring one of my best friends! I love performing with my band, and we have so much fun touring together :) Life is so good right now. Definitely feels really balanced, and I totally trust what God has planned not only for my career, but for my life :) I love you guys!!!

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