Jordan Pruitt Joins Demi Lovato & David Archuleta Tour

Jordan Pruitt updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@jordanpruitt) on Thursday (April 16), talking about landing a gig on the Demi Lovato and David Archuleta summer tour. Pruitt tells readers:

GREAT NEWS…. I’m going on tour with Demi Lovato and David Archuleta starting July 24th! I’m super excited, Demi is so sweet and super talented! And I voted for David on American Idol, So I’m very excited to meet him! I will be opening for them, and I’m so ridiculously excited about this tour!!! All the tour dates will be posted in the next few days!! If you are in the area where I’m singing, I hope you come! It will be an amazing show :) I feel very blessed right now!

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2 thoughts on “Jordan Pruitt Joins Demi Lovato & David Archuleta Tour

  1. tarayn says:

    can’t wait to see David Archuleta on this tour!!!!! saw him on his recent solo tour, and the guy is amazing – he sounds amazing live, and really put on a good show – the fans were crazy for him from start to finish… just love him, love him!!!!!

  2. selly says:

    can’t wait my little Demi, David, and Jordan I hope I could see you

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