Jordin Sparks Sings ‘Man In The Mirror’ In Tribute To Michael Jackson

checked in with fans on her YouTube channel to share her thoughts about the death of and perform his 1988 hit ‘Man In The Mirror’ in tribute. “My prayers go out to him and his family, and Farrah Fawcett’s family, and Ed McMahon’s family,” the ‘American Idol’ season six winner said. “And to anyone else who’s lost somebody today or any day my prayers go out to you as well. I know how it is to lose somebody and I think the whole world kind of lost a little piece of themselves today. Michael I think touched a lot of people and a lot of people are gonna know and feel the loss I think whether they were fans or not.” Watch the message below.

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One thought on “Jordin Sparks Sings ‘Man In The Mirror’ In Tribute To Michael Jackson

  1. jean says:

    very very good, jordin.

    I can relate to the loneless of mj. I was brought up in a household,where I wasn’t allow to play with other kids as well. loneless can scar a kid. MJ tried to relate the message to us, that we needed to change and come together and love one another, so that all of us, can live a better life. Love is the key to getting to the kingdom. I will continue to spread the word. Love your neighbors as your self. But you have to love your self first. Jesus said how can you love me, whom you never seen? and hate your brother that you see everyday.

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