Jordin Sparks Talks ‘Sparkle’, Whitney Houston, Shape & Jason Derulo

Jordin Sparks, seen here taking a picture of herself in a dress, talked with Ryan Seacrest about her movie 'Sparkle', working with the late Whitney Houston, losing 50 pounds and doing a bikini shoot for Shape magazine, her boyfriend Jason Derulo and more

visited ‘On with Ryan Seacrest’ recently, where the ‘American Idol’ champ talked about her new movie ‘Sparkle’, working with the legendary Whitney Houston, teaming with Jennifer Hudson on her next film, how her life has changed since ‘Idol’, seeing her bikini body on the magazine stands on the cover of Shape, how her boyfriend Jason Derulo reacted to the magazine, what made her lose 50 pounds, and how she and Jason encourage each other to eat right.

On the mood at the premiere:

It was crazy. It wasn’t necessarily somber because everybody was so excited to finally be here and for everybody to be seeing it. I was sitting there, it was actually my fifth time seeing it, still bawling like a little baby. I was sitting there and her family was sitting right behind me, so Bobbi Kristina was behind me, Pat Houston. I just got chills all over. I was sitting there thinking I’m not going to do it this time. You’ll be fine. She opens her mouth to sing, and you’re just completely overtaken by it, so I start tearing up, then I hear Bobbi behind me, she’s crying, then I just bawled because it’s got to be so hard for her to watch it. It’s amazing to see her up on that screen, but it’s sad too because she’s not here. But it was so It’s the end of the chapter, but a new beginning at the same time. We feel like we’ve been talking about this movie since we all got casted.

On her fondest memory of working with Whitney:

Two of them stick out, well three of them stick out. One was a funny one where we were upstairs waiting for the camera to turn around, and I put on my iPod and ‘Teach Me How To Dougie’ came on, and we all got up and started dancing and Whitney walked up and we paused for a second, because we didn’t know what she was going to say, and she was like what is that? Oh it’s just this dance people are doing. She’s like, ‘Oh I want to do it too.’ She walked up and just started dancing. That’s how she was. She was so funny. Another one was, we were waiting for a camera to turn around again during a dinner scene, and I walked into a room where a piano was, and I was sitting there in a little world with my eyes closed, and I felt these two arms come around me and just started playing the most beautiful melody on the piano. I look over and Whitney is leaning over me. I’m looking around and wondering does anybody else see this right now? I can’t describe that moment in any way other than intimate. I just couldn’t imagine that she would do that. Another one was at the end of filming, I was doing the finale, she came to watch just to be supportive. She just wanted to be there to watch, and I was done, I was wearing my dress and everything, and she was like come here. She took my face in her hand and she held my face and looked me right in the eye and said, ‘You were everything we wanted and more. You were perfect.’ I never thought that I would have Whitney saying something like that to me, much less working with her. Even getting to talk to her for more than two seconds. To be able to have done that, she was executive producer, and she was my co-star, and she became my friend. It’s just so crazy how all of that happened.

On working with Jennifer Hudson on her next film:

It’s crazy because I don’t have any scenes with her. I go back next week to finish some of my scenes, so I hope that she’s there so I can see her and say hello and talk to her.

On seeing herself in a bikini on the magazine stands for her Shape cover:

I went in recently and I didn’t think about everybody who is going to be seeing it. I’m sitting at the airport magazine place, and I’m sitting there looking at the people who are looking at the magazine and this creepy guy was standing next to me looking right at my magazine. I’m like, ‘Oh, I forgot about that.’ I signed a couple in New York and looked up to the people who were holding them and oh, here you go.

On her boyfriend Jason Derulo’s reaction to the magazine shoot and male reaction:

I don’t think he’s seen a guy pick it up. I’m not sure. He’s been really supportive actually. He’s really into fitness and working out, so the fact that I did this cover he’s really proud.

On working out and eating right with Jason:

When we are together, we very much encourage each other. It’s fun because when we go out to eat, we’re trying to find stuff that’s healthy but still tastes good, all of this stuff. He has to drag me sometimes. I don’t want to go (healthy).

Listen to the interview via below.

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