Josh Gracin’s Weight Gain May Be Medical

Entertainment Weekly has learned that ‘American Idol’ finalist Josh Gracin’s sluggish performance and weight gain may have happened because of a medical condition. “While he’s been here, he’s actually had a thyroid problem,” ‘Idol’ stylist Miles Siggins revealed. “He’s been putting on weight because of that, and it’s been a shock to him to be going up in size.” A Fox spokesperson declined to comment. The full story at has since been removed.

‘Idol’ Chatter With Carmen Rasmusen

May 1, 2003 – TV Guide Online chatted with ousted ‘American Idol 2’ finalist Carmen Rasmusen and asked her how she felt about the mean comments recently from judges Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell. “Before each show, my parents would always tell me, ‘Carmen, we love you and we think you’re great’,” she explained. “So, when they were saying mean things to me on stage, I just remembered, ‘Okay, I know that my parents think I’m great, and I’ve gone this far, so I can handle anything. And Simon was the one who got me here, so even though he’s saying mean things, he must believe in me’.”

Shock ‘American Idol 2’ With Ruben In The Bottom 2

May 1, 2003 – Trenyce was voted off in Wednesday night’s ‘American Idol’. That wasn’t the big surprise… the surprise was Ruben Studdard in the bottom two. Even though polls have suggested an overwhelming percentage thought he’d be the winner (72% in an Us Weekly poll), he somehow got cast in the bottom two. Was it manipulation to draw viewer interest or did Ruben fans get complacent? Has the off-key Josh Gracin hit the conservative Republican trifecta — active Marine, country singing, and (groan) white — making this Political Idol… and nothing about musical talent? Last season saw a huge uproar with four remaining when Tamyra Gray was booted, and now with two African Americans and a rumored to be gay trio up against Josh, will it really expose the ugly side of America?

‘Idol’ Star Kimberly Caldwell Joins 54321 Team

April 30, 2003 – Ousted ‘American Idol 2’ finalist Kimberly Caldwell has landed a job as the newest member of the Fox Sports Net extreme sports show, 54321. She joins 54321 as a special correspondent where she will handle the entertainment scene from the red carpet at movie premieres to backstage at concerts. “I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of 54321,” said Caldwell. “To go from singing in front of millions of people, to interviewing movie stars on the red carpet, is a dream come true. I am thankful for this great opportunity and hope to have an instant impact on the show.”

‘American Idol 2’ To Hit The Road

April 30, 2003 – reports that the current ‘American Idol’ lineup will go on tour when the show wraps up its second season on May 21th. The cast will hit the road for a 39-city tour starting in St. Paul, Minnesota on July 8th. Tickets for the concerts go on sale starting May 16th.

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