Josh Hoge’s Brother Will Recovering From Motorcycle Accident

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@joshhoge) on Saturday night (August 23) after earlier telling fans that his brother Will was involved in a really bad motorcycle accident on Wednesday night and was in critical condition. The Nashville singer songwriter told readers:

Now that I can officially step back and take a deep breath, I wanted to stop by and say THANKS for all your well wishes, thoughts, and prayers for myself, my family, and mostly my brother! He’s is doing ok. I just came from seeing him again, and he finally is starting to become “Will” to me. He’s sore, and beaten up and broken badly, but he’s alive! He’s strong… real strong! The next 6 months are gonna be long, and tough, but they are gonna get to happen and that’s all that matters! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew (and that is the sound of my exhaling).

I will still keep you posted with progress, but just know we’re all gonna be ok. ;)

I for once am going to sleep right after I hit the “post” button!!!

Love, JHoge

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