Josh Kelley’s New Album Is Almost Finished

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@joshkelley) with an update on his upcoming album. The 29-year-old singer songwriter tells readers:

I’ve never worked so hard on an album in my career as a musician – not to say the old stuff is not still close to my heart – but over the years now of learning how to really craft a great song and be patient in the process is making this new album something extra special – the tentative plans for now are to release a single end of Feb 2010 and then the album will follow soon after – I know you’re gonna love it – I’ll start previewing some songs within the next few weeks – so again I’m sorry for being a stranger over these past few months – its hard for me to focus on too many things at once but i know i can’t do this without the eyes and ears of the fans – i hope you are all well – lets own 2010 shall we – JK

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