Judy Torres Relieved Kanye West Apologized

Judy Torres checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@judytorres) on Tuesday ( 15), commenting on Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards and subsequent apology. The Puerto Rican dance pop singer tells readers:

Honestly, I am relieved that he apologized. I saw his face on TV, he is embarrassed…he looked, to me, genuinely remorseful. If it happened to me, and he apologized, I’d accept his apology. Why? Because what goes around always comes around…I believe in forgiveness…ALWAYS..no matter how hard. You see one day, we will all do something absolutely stupid and senseless, and we WILL hurt someone. We will be embarrassed. We will feel horrible, and we WILL hope that we will be forgiven. I believe that if we stand in judgment and are harsh to people when they are asking forgiveness – we become self-righteous. That attitude, my friends, is a bad place to be. So in the hopes that I will be forgiven if I ever hurt someone – I think he deserves to be forgiven.

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One thought on “Judy Torres Relieved Kanye West Apologized

  1. ko says:

    Judy is such an amazing person. Glad to are writing about her.

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