Jump5’s Lesley Updates On Her Mono Condition

Lesley Moore of has been suffering from mono for the past few weeks and posted an update on her condition at the group’s official website. Moore writes, “I thought that it might be a good time to update you on how I’m feeling and what the doctor has to say about my condition. Personally, I think I am ready to get back on the road, but the doctors won’t agree with me. I have to go to the doctor every week to get my blood drawn. I think I have gotten it drawn at least 6 times since I became sick. You should see the bruises on my arms from where they drew my blood. By the time one bruise goes away, I get my blood drawn again and the bruise is back. I am to the point now that the doctor says I can leave the house and go to eat, and even walk around a little bit. My blood work is improving each week but still isn’t enough to let me dance around and goof off on stage. I hope I will get to see you guys soon, and I’m doing everything I can to get well. Thank you guys for all the emails, cards, and what nots. They really cheered me up!”

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One thought on “Jump5’s Lesley Updates On Her Mono Condition

  1. distillertraunt says:

    Mono? What a whore.

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