Just After J.Lo Registers, She Reminds Us To Vote In PSA

Us Weekly reports taped a public service announcement encouraging people to register to vote last week. Expect to see the spots debut during the Super Bowl and air on MTV until November. Luckily for Lopez, she learned from her fiance Ben Affleck — who was criticized in 2001 for being politically active despite not being registered to vote himself. J.Lo officially registered the day of the PSA shoot.

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5 thoughts on “Just After J.Lo Registers, She Reminds Us To Vote In PSA

  1. Jaggie says:

    I wonder if she’ll actually vote. I bet not.

  2. JustinaTimberq says:

    What a hypocritical whore! She is telling everyone else to vote but she has just registered herself?

  3. Carrie says:

    This action of hers is to support her political boyfriend. She’s getting crazier by the minute. I can only imagine what she’s going to do with her next album or her public actions when Ben and her dump each other for good. What entertainment that will be. They’ll be writing movies and books about it. It seems it already started because Joan Collins is obsessed with her. She’s got J Lo on her mind. She wants Jen to return to Diddy. Another joke.

  4. Guy_Numero_Uno says:

    What a Wonderful World’, ‘In some countries, with crooked governments, people aren’t aloud to vote, and would die for the right In Australia, you get whacked with a huge fine if you are over 18 and don’t vote in elections! I the good ole US of A they have a washed up talentless b***h encouraging people to register to vote on MTV… is it any wonder bush is the president!

  5. MusicMan says:

    >> In some counrties, with crooked governments, people arnt aloud to vote, you’re talking about Florida “voter-cleansing” :) archive.salon.com/politics/feature/2000/12/04/voter_file/print.html

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