Justice To The Artists

Contributed anonymously:

For a couple now I have been a frequent visitor of this website. I never crossed the line of registration, as I preferred to sit and watch so many people make fools of themselves and continue on with their ignorant lives. This whole time I had so much to say to so many people but never even bothered to say it because it wasn’t worth my time and I was still having fun letting people think they’re right.

Now I’m done with people thinking their right. I’m here to prove them wrong.

Yes, there are a select few on this site that don’t outwardly judge without proof on the targeted subject, but this website is overrun with so many people that need to be put in their place. Of course, I know I won’t change the minds of every individual here. My sole purpose is to make everybody who has no notion of what they’re talking about look like fools. And I am fully ready to take on any verbal beating any person can throw out at me. Outsmart me if you want to. If you can and do, I will back down and admit I was wrong because I’m not ashamed. But if and when I’m right, I will have reached my goal. My goal is not to necessarily make people realize they are wrong. It is simply to make them stuck on what to say besides, “You’re so dumb. Get over it.”, and other such things. When the person no longer has a valid point, I win. But as long as they have a point, I keep fighting until I’m shown up.

There was one essay a while back about Avril Lavigne. The author stated they were a big fan until they read an article where Avril was told about the computer virus named after her and she said, “I’m not sick!” The author apparently lost all respect over Avril for that one thing. First of all, it’s a dumb thing to lose respect for. Secondly, if the so-called fan would have done their research and read in a January, 2003 issue of Tiger Beat magazine, they would’ve seen the FULL interview. It is true that Avril said, “I’m not sick!”, but she stated after that in another sentence that she was only joking and was aware of the computer virus.

Nobody on popdirt.com bothered to go against this author because they found a good, valid point to what the author was trying to say. But I knew the author was not only dumb, but extremely wrong in her argument.

I’m here to set justice to the artists because the public now seems to forget that they are people too.

I’ve made my mark already on one article about Avril’s choice of clothing, and probably most of my time will be spent there, because, yes, I admit, I am a fan of Avril. I am a fan of most artists out there. But Avril seems to be the choice “pick on celebrity” on this site. She does do many immature acts, but she’s only human and people are targeting her for the most pathetic things.

Avril, as well as many other artists, have my full support. I’m done with sitting behind a computer screen. I’m logged in and ready to go.

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