Justin and Britney Slammed In Jadakiss’ ‘Why’ Remix

Contributed by elghato:

Jadakiss, Nas, and Common have beef with of and Britney Spears. In the remix to Jadakiss’ hit song ‘Why’, the three rappers ask why things are the way they are. They rhyme:

“Why aint Rick James remembered for classic hits?
Why do we remember Rick for smackin’ a bitch?
Why did Ricky Williams retire, they mad at Miami?
Why did Justin sell Janet out and go to the Grammys?

Why you kill on every song?
Why you frown at the screen?
There’s so many thrones, why we argue who is the king?
Why I sold it for the gangsta?
Why I sold it for bling?
Why they hype Britney up, they know she can’t sing?”

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