Justin And Cameron Romance At A Whole New Level

A source says Justin Timberlake’s romance with actress Cameron Diaz is heating up after seeing him at his August 8th show in Philadelphia. “Whenever Justin wasn’t on stage for soundchecks, he’d walk straight to Cameron,” a source said. “They were always together.” And a close pal of Timberlake’s says the star’s current romance is even more serious than his long relationship with Britney Spears. “Compared to his relationship with Britney, this is a whole new level,” the source said.

Applegate Can’t Get ‘Rock Your Body’ Out Of Her Head

August 16, 2003 – Us Weekly asked several celebs what song they sing while in the shower. Actress Christina Applegate responded, “I was singing that Justin Timberlake song, ‘Rock Your Body’. I can’t get it out of my head.” And ‘American Idol’ runner-up says, “‘Flying Without Wings’,” the first single from the show’s champ, Ruben Studdard.

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10 thoughts on “Justin And Cameron Romance At A Whole New Level

  1. ktkins143 says:

    Oh please!! They’ve only been going out for a few months…at the most! At can’t be as serious or more serious than he and Britney were for 1-they were together for what? like almost 3 or 4 years? and 2- they knew each other for like 5 or 6 years previous to their relationship….. that’s such bull, I’m so sick of hearing of stuff like this Honestly does anybody really even care?

  2. angelgurl12 says:

    so fake story

  3. prettyblue says:

    Cameron is such a ambitious old ugly *****!!! I hope you will break up cause your not such a cute couple!

  4. JenJen84 says:

    The almighty “source” have spoken. In “Source” we trust.

  5. Dancer4Life says:

    This relationship seems annoying. Cameron is everywhere that he is. Ugh, what doesn’t she give him a break. Actually why don’t the both of them give us a break. I mean they keep saying they are just friends, but it’s very obvious they are more then that. They should just tell the truth. I doubt this relationship is on a ‘whole new level.’

  6. bella89 says:

    Oh the ‘source’ much like the allusive ‘they’ who is this source? Why is this source? What is this source? …the world may never know…like if Micheal Jackson ever really did get all that plastic surgery– –I’m being sarcastic people.

  7. HoneyRain says:

    this has publicity stunt written all over it. I think Justin is still hurt by his break-up from Britney and he’s still out to get her for whatever reason. he and Cameron have been way too indiscreet about their relationship.. always out somewhere in front of the cameras.. however.. it really does make me wonder if Britney really did cheat on Justin. I’m beginning to think she did because Justin has been way too insensitive and vengeful toward Britney. I think he’s using Cameron to hurt Britney.

  8. Stallion says:

    I’m starting to believe that maybe Justin does have a thing for older women as odd as it may sound. If those story are true about the girls he has dated than maybe he does have a thing for older women like Cameron or Janet and so on and so on

  9. go_bannana says:

    I know this message shouldn’t be posted at this story but it is Britney/Justin related. A couple days ago pic of Justin and Cameron were posted on the site with Justin giving the middle finger. Last August during the infamous Mexico trip Britney gave the finger and it was an international news story. After she did it she was being criticized (sp?) for being a bad role model etc. but when Justin and other celebs did it no one cared. This just proves how people,the press and the public are out to destroy Britney and her hard earned fame.

  10. babet says:

    That’s funny. I didn’t give a ***** when she gave the finger. but I think everybody’s use to the finger now that’s why its not such a big deal… Eminem was a big fan of the “finger the camera” thing but he’s already supposedly a bad “role model”. goody goody Britney did it and people are pissed because she has younger fans. nick’s done it too. I think a whole ***** load of rock stars have done it. you see the finger in music videos all over the place. its just not a big deal anymore.

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