Justin And Cameron Share ‘Illicit Smoke’ At Suede

The New York Post reports star and girlfriend Cameron Diaz shared an illicit smoke while partying with and Pharrell Williams at Suede. No word if the Post meant they were breaking the smoking ban law by lighting up in the club, or the type of smoke was illegal, though Timberlake in the past has admitted to using marijuana.

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8 thoughts on “Justin And Cameron Share ‘Illicit Smoke’ At Suede

  1. BringMeToLifee says:

    Gosh!! Remember Justin fans.. keep of the weed *****in’. You copy everything, this boy does. Cameron, your a disappointment.

  2. justincaseyestwo says:

    Hasn’t she pretty much MOVED IN with EVERY SINGLE GUY she has gone out with???? He’s already making demands on her about things that she loves to do. How far do you think THAT’S going to go??? I’m sorry but these two seem like the MOST unlikely pair. I don’t mind him dating older but why can’t he get away from “DITZY”.

  3. jimmypee says:

    Christina out with Justin and Cameron again eh.

  4. Stallion says:

    Living the good life good for him. I doubt Justin Timberlake is too cheap to tip people.

  5. ca_ca says:

    They’re so idiots… Drugs do not import which are, it does not destroy only the life of who uses and yes the life of all the people who love them.

  6. babet says:

    I hope this is a one time thing……. ick….. I hate anything smokey.

  7. muzik_luver says:

    I love Justin, but smoking anything is so not attractive!! I never thought I would say this but I personally hope it was pot and not actual cigarettes. I don’t think pot can ruin your voice or fill your lungs with as much crap as tobacco. Justin doesn’t need to be smoking anything…he doesn’t realize it now but it’s gonna slowly ruin him and his great performing. Brit too! Smoking does NOT equal cool.

  8. angelgurl12 says:

    this is so not true its just a rumor

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