Justin And Christina: Making The Tour On MTV

Contributed by nellysgirl: MTV will follow *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera on their Justified/Stripped tour. This time it’s for the US residents. Making The Tour will show you what they do to prepare for the tour. This airs Friday, June 27 at 5:00 PM ET/PT right after TRL.

Ireland Gears Up For Justin Timberlake

May 21, 2003 – ShowbizIreland.com is hyping Justin’s two shows in Dublin starting Thursday night. They quote the *NSYNC star saying, “When I come to Ireland I’ll definitely be on the lookout for a nice girl. I’ve been there before and they are just stunning.” Read more.

Fan Dies Trying To Get To Justin’s Concert In London

May 21, 2003 – Contributed by Britneys_Boi: Did you hear about the girls who died on the way to the Justin Timberlake concert last night? Foxy said it this morning and it’s on the news throughout the day on Capital FM. Justin did release a statement saying he was deeply upset and that he sent his best regards to the friends and family involved! It was all because someone on the M25 got out of their car on the fast lane.

Vote On Justin And Christina Rolling Stone Cover

May 21, 2003 – Contributed by DiVa4LiFe: Rolling Stone wants you to decide what their cover is going be. Christina Aguilera and *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake will be featured on the magazine probably next month, and they have 3 different covers you can choose from. All you have to do is sign up at their rssoundingboard.com and vote.

Justin And Christina On Sneak Magazine Cover

May 20, 2003 – Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera are on the cover of the new issue of Sneak magazine in a feature touting the pair as not only tour mates, but romantically mated. The *NSYNC star is quoted in the article saying, “I used to want to settle down, but I’m not like that any more. I have no intention of getting married until I’m about 40 – and that is a long way away. I just want to have a bit of fun.”

‘Justified’ Returns To The #1 Spot In The UK Yet Again

May 20, 2003 – Contributed by nellysgirl: Justin’s ‘Justified’ returns to the number 1 spot on the UK’s album chart for a 4th time this year according to Music Week. The last album to achieve this was ABBA’s Gold Greatest Hits in 1999. According to Music Control UK, ‘Rock Your Body’ is the UK’s number 1 most played song on the radio. Since its release, ‘Justified’ has a worldwide sales of over five million, making it the best selling album of the year so far.

Justin Timberlake’s Interview With Chris Moyles Posted

May 20, 2003 – Justin’s interview with Chris Moyles of Radio 1 has been posted on the BBC station’s website. Justin brought in chicken for the DJs, and was “impressed” with Moyles impressions of him. The *NSYNC star also raved about England, his love for soccer, gave shout outs to Chris’ pals, and more. Audio has since been removed.

Justin Timberlake Thrown Out Of Click

May 20, 2003 – The Mirror reports Justin and his huge entourage were kicked out of London’s Click club after demanding a lock-in so they could continue downing bottles of Cristal champagne, vodka and whiskey. “They got really aggressive. As well as all his hangers-on, lots of other people were pretending to be with him and refused to leave the club,” an insider revealed. “The atmosphere started getting really tense. When the bosses of the club refused to let Justin and his posse stay they threw an absolute strop, telling them they were lucky to ‘have such a superstar’ in their club. It was pathetic.”

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