Justin And Christina’s Atlantic City Concert Postponed

KYW reports that the Saturday night performance of *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City has been postponed following a problem at the venue. Organizers have not yet announced a make-up date. Police say the problem happened around 1 p.m. Saturday during the stage set-up for the ‘Justified and Stripped’ tour. Two people reportedly suffered minor injuries.

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11 thoughts on “Justin And Christina’s Atlantic City Concert Postponed

  1. nellysgirl says:

    I feel sorry for all those people in Atlanta

  2. MusicMan says:

    Atlantic City — New Jersey

  3. dyin2bfamous says:

    I would have been so upset if I missed a chance to see my honey, Justin. They should reschedule soon.

  4. Stallion says:

    I just heard about this on the radio they said that the stage collapse. They said that no one was seriously hurt.

  5. SourPatchKid says:

    That’s so sad. I hope everyone’s okay. Accidents happen sometimes … good thing it’ll be postponed. I feel so bad for all of those people.

  6. Maddfan says:

    Hey guys, Don’t worry Christina and Justin will take care of this. If they really don’t care, why would they postponed their big tour?? They’re nice-hearted stars. Unlike…you know who! But I hope the two people who got injured, will be fine. Christina and Justin rocks!

  7. popnicklover says:

    I doubt it was “set-up trouble”. I’ll bet Justin got busted doing pot and other drugs again so they had to cancel the show! Worried that he’d be “too high” during his performance. LOL! Loser.

  8. Beach_Babe05 says:

    that’s just your opinion. and I am pretty sure that you could carry on a show when your high. I know people who go to school and work high and they make out just fine. Plus other celebrities have done it to.

  9. stan says:

    ^^Hey MadFan Why are you turning into Christina and Justin fan?? Make up your mind b.itch!! Anyways, why were they injured?? I’d be pissed too if they postponed their tour here in Los Angeles. Luv ya Xtina!

  10. perfectly-imperfect says:

    “They’re nice-hearted stars. Unlike…you know who!” No I don’t, who are you talking about exactly?? Just curious.

    Sucks for the people who had tickets..One of my friends had an extra ticket and wanted me to go along with him, but seeing that I don’t really find neither of them that entertaining, I declined…Hope no one was hurt too seriously. Except for maybe Justin, hehe.. ;)

  11. JessPhilly says:

    I was getting ready to go to that show when I heard it was postponed. I already went to the show in Philly but it was SO good that I really want to see it again real soon. I hope that everybody who go injured is ok and they have the make-up date soon.

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