Justin Bieber Cheers On The Broncos To A Loss

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was cheering on the Denver Broncos during their home game against the New York Jets earlier today, just as his father Jeremy Bieber and manager Scooter Braun rooted for the Jets. The 16-year-old was left disappointed late in the game after LaDainian Tomlinson scored with 73 seconds left to put the Jets up 24-20, and the Broncos choked late in the game during an attempted comeback drive, fumbling the ball away on a bad snap. The Bieb told his Twitter followers (@justinbieber):

Watching the Jets game with my dad @lordbieber, I will never be a Jets fan as long as I live @scooterbraun!! Go other team!

hahah dad just tried to play me… GO DENVER>>>

@scooterbraun, Your boy Sanchez has thrown like 47 interceptions.. You need a QB with hair like Brady. hahaha

Nice FG, that’s all I gotta say.

wow AGAIN DAD>> You are not going anywhere near my computer.. Go DENVER

@thatrygood GO BRONCOS!

wow good snap Broncos.. I’m glad you really wanted to win it.

good thing my Dolphins won.

Stop messing with my twitter. 3 times @lordbieber!! Are you kidding me. I’m not a Jets fan! Sanchez is good people but I’m not converting! haha.

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One thought on “Justin Bieber Cheers On The Broncos To A Loss

  1. Kristin Leanne DeMint says:

    Hi Justin Bieber I love you so so much I’m actually a fan but did you know that singers don’t have to marry or date singers thy can marry or date anyone so yeah I’m your biggest fan I’d love you since I was at least if you can please visit me at my school and maybe go out for lunch. ps I love ya forever. Love Your biggest fan Kristin Leanne DeMint

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