Justin Bieber Discusses Favorite Things, ‘One Less Lonely Girl’

Justin Bieber, seen here performing live, talked with Jackie & Bender of KISS 106.1 FM in Seattle about some of his favorite things, the subject of 'One Less Lonely Girl' and how fare he has come in the past three years

was recently in Seattle for a concert and backstage, he spoke with Jackie & Bender of 106.1 KISS FM. The Canadian pop singer discussed some of his favorite things with a young fan who happened to be Bender’s daughter, what ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ is about and his favorite Christmas present. Then Bender spoke with Bieber, playing a clip from his last visit to their studio three years ago and how so much has changed for him.

On who ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ was about, Justin said, “‘One Less Lonely Girl’ is about, I kind of made it into a fan song, into being able to bring out each fan each night to my show as the one less lonely girl, and she kind of sits in the middle of the show and I sing to her and perform for her, and she becomes my ‘One Less Lonely Girl’.”

On how life has changed in three years, he said, “It’s crazy how far it’s come since then, and it’s such a blessing. I never thought that it could get to this level of crazy. Now that I’m on top, the only way you can go is down, so you have to work so much harder to just stay at the top, so that’s why I want to just keep working hard and stay humble and remember where I came from.”

Listen to the interview via kissfmseattle.com below.

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