Justin Bieber Hangs Out With Shaq In Phoenix

Justin Bieber with Shaq

checked in with his Twitter followers (@justinbieber) over the weekend while on tour in Phoenix, where he ran into NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, posing with the much larger 7’1″ center. The 16-year-old writes:

WE R IN PHEONIX!! Where is the BIG CACTUS???


RT @belieberbrooke @justinbieber sooo did you feel like an ant compared to shaq? :)) = u kidding me…I felt HUGE! lol

got surprised by my man @THE_REAL_SHAQ on stage tonight in Pheonix…cant wait until u see why!!! PHEONIX GOES HARD!!! GREAT NIGHT!!

Shaq told his followers @THE_REAL_SHAQ after the concert:

I was at a justin bieber concert he had dat mug jumpin 50 thousand people dat kids a star, and I got his autograph thanks justin

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