Justin Bieber Joins Cody Simpson On Stage At Club Nokia

Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber

Earlier this month joined on stage while he was performing his new single ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ at Club Nokia, surprising the mostly female, mostly screaming fans on June 14th. The Australian pop singer recently wrapped up a European tour with Bieber, joining select dates on the Canadian star’s ‘Believe’ Tour, and is currently on his own headlining tour in support of his upcoming sophomore album ‘Surfer’s Paradise’, out July 16th on Atlantic Records.

“So what’s up guys, I’m with my homie Cody Simpson,” Bieber said backstage afterward. “I used to call him my little bro, but now he’s kind of become my big bro, because he’s bigger than me. So I’ll see you guys soon. This is Cody Simpson, he’s doing great things, recording a lot of great songs, working hard in the dance studio, I can see you, and look out for his next album, it’s gonna be big.”

Watch the highlight clip via YouTube below.

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One thought on “Justin Bieber Joins Cody Simpson On Stage At Club Nokia

  1. Scintille says:

    Cody, you’re not only BIGGER than Justin, you are much more than that. You have talent, you have swag, you have what makes the girls go mad. But you’re also a gentleman and you have class. And you can take it from me, girls like a little bit of chevalery. So don’t become a “homie”, keep your dignity.

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