Justin Bieber Meets Progeria Sufferer Hayley Okines

Justin Bieber and Hayley Okines

Hayley Okines, a 12-year-old suffers from the rapid aging disease progeria, was able to meet thanks to the efforts of @BiebsmeetHayley. The Canadian pop singer told his Twitter followers (@JustinBieber):

About to meet someone very special soon

@BiebsmeetHayley You did a good thing. And you were right she has a great smile. :)

@BiebsmeetHayley it was actually kinda funny. She had no clue and when she saw me she screamed and everyone was like what the?!?! lol

@BiebsmeetHayley she was real sweet and I offered her tickets for the show in the UK when I’m back. I think you should go with her then too

This is when we first saw each other in the lobby after THE SCREAM! :) thanks for introducing us. She is a sweet g http://twitpic.com/3d6edh

@BiebsmeetHayley like I said… You and the fans did a good thing. Glad I could help.

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