Justin Bieber Teams With PETA To Encourage Pet Adoption

Justin Bieber PETA ad

is teaming up with PETA to encourages his fans to adopt from animal shelters. “My Dad and I used to go and hang out … just go and visit the different animals and stuff,” the Canadian pop singer explained. “It’s really important that people adopt. I really encourage going out to an animal shelter or a place where you can get a dog that has been abandoned or doesn’t have a home.” Justin and a dog named Bijoux can be seen in the newest PSA for peta2 posing next to the tagline “My World Includes Compassion for Animals. Yours Should Too.” Watch a behind the scenes interview with Justin below the cut.

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4 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Teams With PETA To Encourage Pet Adoption

  1. larry says:

    Check out this stupid video PETA made: meat.org

  2. joanna maricar abad says:

    hello Justin Bieber .. I like you so much… not much so very very much…. you’re so very nice and cute..!!!???

  3. joanna maricar abad says:

    haha…. Justin Bieber we love you..???

  4. Remag says:

    It is great to support your local animal shelter, it is great to adopt an animal in need, it is fine that Justin supports animals shelters too. I have even volunteered at a local SPCA shelter with a no kill policy, but PETA is not something to support, and I really feel Justin doesn’t know anything about them.

    They don’t support a no-kill policy, they euthanize a large percentage of the animals they bring in, and they have stated they are for “total animal liberation.” That means no animals for food, clothes, entertainment, or pets. They are even against guide dogs for the blind.

    Oh, and they also financially support terrorist groups and organizations that fire bomb buildings that have do animal testing although the vice president of PETA takes insulin, which was developed from animal testing.

    PETA is a vile, loathsome, manipulative, cult that is only using Justin because he appeals to a young audiance and he will help further their agenda to target children in order to make them want to go vegan, and not vegetarian either, total animal liberation means no milk or eggs too.

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