Justin Bieber Thanks Fans For Keeping Him Grounded

was joined by his friends from Stratford, Ontario, Chaz Somers and Ryan Butler, in a video posting at Twitvid.com, viewable below. The 16-year-old was given a rough time in the video by his friends pretending they had no idea he was a pop star and had the most viewed video on YouTube. The Bieb told his Twitter followers (@justinbieber):

Havin some fun with @itsryanbutler and @ChazSom3rs and saying thank u in our own way 2 all u fans for what u do!

u all keep me grounded… never gonna change because I have people that love me for me… and I love them in return. Thanks for being there

and thanks CHUCK NORRIS… I don’t know why… just thanking you because I’m afraid if I don’t u will round house kick me in the face. nice

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