Justin Bieber Tweets Location In London, Mayhem Ensues

caused a stir as he was greeted by screaming young girls at BBC Radio 1 on Thursday (March 18) in London, England. The 16-year-old turned to his Twitter (@justinbieber) after plans to meet fans later in the day had to be shut down because too many of his supporters showed up to the Mayfair hotel after he revealed his location on the micro blogging site. He writes:

Girls of London… please don’t bang on the windows of the car when we’re moving. You can get hurt. No need for that. I got love for all of you :)

Wish I could have come out from the performance at the Mayfair but security wouldn’t let me. For those girls who cursed me out for it… I’m sorry but sometimes I need to listen to security so no one gets hurt. But I like your attitude. The UK goes hard

Watch footage of Bieber walking through the hotel’s restaurant as screaming girls pressed up against the windows below.

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3 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Tweets Location In London, Mayhem Ensues

  1. Baily Jean Adcock says:

    Hey I really want too go to one of your concerts but I can’t because we don’t have the money and I am your #1 fan and if some could help me work something out I will be able too go and I really want too meet you too I love ya!!! just mail me please and thank you lots ;)

  2. deepanker says:

    hi you so smart baby………….

  3. yousra says:

    I love you JB forever

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