Justin Bieber Wants To Work With Cheryl Cole, Lindsay Lohan Objects

Justin Bieber boards a private jet en route to London

Justin Bieber checked in with his Twitter followers (@justinbieber) today as he prepares for a concert tonight at Wembley Stadium for the Summertime Ball 2010 concert where he’ll be joined by Rihanna, Usher, JLS, Cheryl Cole, Dizzee Rascal, Ke$ha, Scouting For Girls, Tinie Tempah, Alexandra Burke, Jason Derulo, Pixie Lott, and Chipmunk. The Bieb make his feelings known for as the Girls Aloud star appears destined for divorce from her soccer star hubby Ashley, but the 16-year-old was cautioned against the move by a famous follower. Justin writes:

Landed in the UK… WEMBLEY TONIGHT!! This is gonna be fun
Just did an interview where they asked me if there was anyone I wanted to work with from the show’s lineup… I said Cheryl Cole.. of course
I mean I heard Cheryl just became single…I mean aw cmon!! haha. Whatsup Cheryl? ;)

Which prompted Lindsay Lohan to respond on her Twitter (@lindsaylohan):

@justinbieber she is too old for you! be wise young buck! ;)

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5 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Wants To Work With Cheryl Cole, Lindsay Lohan Objects

  1. tatiana says:

    he is so sweet. His art is as it appears on the stage and sings. Every time I see him on TV I always think I would fall down every minute weak. He is the most perfect boy on the earth. I love him more than anything !!!!!! LOL: -*
    I LOVE YOU BIEBER your dream girl TATIANA!! LOL

  2. brittany says:

    I love you Justin Bieber you are making a bad choice everybody loves you though you wouldn’t like to go up here please don’t go you wouldn’t want to go I miss you so bad honey LOL don’t go please please please don’t go you should come to Alaska please Justin Bieber I will love it I LOVE YOU BIEBER your dream girl BRITTANY LOL I WANT TO KISS JUSTIN BIEBER I AM CUTE FOR YOU HAVE YOUR BABY

  3. bieberbaby says:

    hey Justin the concert that you did in Winnipeg on September fourteenth it was so amazing .the best concert of my hole life that is the high light of my life. Just seeing you aww you blew of to a place so wonderful I love you so much come back to Winnipeg for a show at the Mts Center please ? I mean you are so down to earth who wouldn’t love you? by the way I love your song pray :)my favorite number is 14 and my favorite building is the MTS Center my favorite month is September my favorite day is Tuesday because that’s the day and place of your concert :) ohh and one last thing your my favorite boy.. make me your one less lonely girl at the concert :)

  4. rama says:

    Justin why are you so awesome. I love you

  5. Jody says:

    Hey Justin what is your favorite type of private jet to fly on? I like the bombadiers and the Gulfstream 550. They make me feel safe when I use to fly private for my previous company?

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