Justin & Britney Argue & Do Dance Off At The Lounge

US Weekly reports and ran into each other on August 1st for the first time since their March split, and the meeting ended in an argument and dance-off at the Lounge in Los Angeles. Britney walked into the club only to see her ex boyfriend dancing with girlfriend Jenna Dewan. Britney “watched them like crazy,” says a spy. Britney confronted Timberlake when he got up to get drinks. When Spears asked him if the two could talk, Justin said, “‘If it’s about us getting back together, forget it.” Britney then started complaining about how Timberlake has been “using different women for media attention.” Justin fired back about “‘her cheating, and they got into a huge argument.” When the dust settled, the two went to the dance floor “and started a dance-off.” The drama lasted about 90 minutes until Justin left at 2 a.m… without Britney.

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11 thoughts on “Justin & Britney Argue & Do Dance Off At The Lounge

  1. LilMands82 says:

    Okay, this just doesn’t make *any* sense at all to me. It sounds like something that came out of a movie to me. “U suck!” “no u suck!” “lets settle this on the dance floor!”


  2. skiplest says:

    This story sounds like it came from the new Austin Powers movie, adding the mix of both Justin and his rumored relationships from other tabloid magazines.

  3. AngelManderZ says:

    Geez it sounds like some childish argument. Now either this is totally made up or the two of them are being seriously immature. Well ya know…I don’t care or whatever. But the relationship is over and then need to stop trying to make each other jealous babies…geez

  4. BsBoy says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAH a f**king DANCE OFF? How cheesy and pathetic can you get? Damn, i knew these preppy a-holes were completely shallow and braindead but this takes the cake!! How old are those 2 airheads again? 13? 14?

  5. Ango says:

    “Man Brit, you ain’t nottin’ but a ho!” “Like you got room to talk Justin!! You were my Pimp daddy and you know it!” ‘Whatever, eat my dust! I’ll show you some slick moves. No cheap thrills baby!”
    A classic pop war.

  6. mellowyellow says:

    It’s like something out of West Side Story. Ahahahahahaha…that’s pretty funny. It’s not true, though, but if it were, I wish I could have seen that.

  7. BRiTsyncFAN says:

    Bull!! that is the dumbest rumor I’ve ever heard. come on now, i could make up a better one! and Brit never cheated on Justin, he cheated on her. i know this for a fact.

  8. sweetcheeks says:

    Characteristic of mature adult:

    One who is able to think logically for themselves and make wise decisions.


    Somebody who doesn’t feed into tabloid crap.

    Get the hint?

  9. pop_princess_sakura says:

    Why would Justin and Britney argue about something stupid like that. Why would they argue at a nightclub with people watching them argue.

  10. Lisa says:

    Well looks like this stupid “rumor” you guys thought was bogus was actually true

  11. Tiny says:

    But Lisa, is there a video? Surely there’s a video!?!?!

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