Justin Guarini And Kelly Clarkson Visit The Tonight Show

First season ‘American Idol’ champ and runner-up were on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday to promote their new movie ‘From Justin to Kelly’. Kelly had just returned from the UK and talked about how bad and bland the food over there was. She also goofed on Top of the Pops and how everyone their lip-synchs their performances, except her. Kelly says they even had her use two backup singers that lip synched too. Kelly also laughed off reports she and Justin were getting married, or that she had become pregnant, or that she had taken steroid injections for her voice. Read on for a rough transcript.

Jay: Welcome back.

[ Cheers and applause ] I’m sure you’ve heard of my next guests. They appeared on the “American Idol” show. Did you watch that show? The “American Idol.” Loved that show. Loved the “American Idol.” And they have their own recording careers, albums — on June 20th, the movie called “From Justin to Kelly” comes out.

>> Can’t wait.

Jay: Please welcome and Justin Guarini.

[ Cheers and applause ] Hi, Justin, how are ya, buddy? Good to see you. Hi, sweetheart, you look great.

[ Applause ] Have a seat. Justin, did I butcher your name? I’m sorry. Guarini?

>> You’re an Italian. You should know how to say that.

Jay: I know, but I’m a dyslexic Italian. I’m sorry about that.

>> That’s okay.

Jay: Now, you guys have been traveling. You were where?

>> I just got back from London.

Jay: From London?

>> Yeah. I’m really happy to be back in America. They have really bad food. I’m sorry. Like, I didn’t eat like the whole time. Because like all I ate was bread and even their bread tastes different. Everything tastes different.

Jay: You don’t like trying food in other lands?

>> No, it’s not even other food. It’s like, their scrambled eggs taste different. Everything tastes different over there. Burgers, anything.

Jay: They use all the parts of the animal we throw away, basically. You get like colon tartare and stuff like that.

>> I went there when I was 8 and I think the most exciting thing I ate was, like, rabbit. And that’s only because I was like 8. “Hey, I’m eating
rabbit.” Everything else was pretty bland. Even at 8 years old.

Jay: Did you do TV over there? ‘Cause you do TV on the other side, you know.

>> Yes, and it’s very different. Everything is so different over there. It’s wonderful because it’s different. I did a show “Top of the Pops,” it’s like a huge music show. Kind of like a “bandstand”-type thing. It caught me totally off guard because everyone mimed except for me.

Jay: You mean they lip sync? Lip sync, you mean?

>> Everybody but me. I sing live, but the band — there’s like a band, like a fake band. They’re like, “yeah, hey, what’s going on?”

[ Laughter ] No, no, and the best part, there’s two girls standing on the stage and I’m like, “what are they doing? Like, what are they going to do?” And they’re like, “oh, they’re your backup singers.” But they’re not singing.

[ Laughter ] They’re just miming to my voice. I was like, “I don’t get it.” I was like, “Why don’t I just sing by myself?” But it’s just how they do the show over there. It’s sort of weird.

Jay: Just odd, all right. Now, I was thinking, what do you think you guys would be doing had there been no “American Idol”? Where would you — Justin, where would you —

Man, I’d still be trying for it, you know. But I definitely was doing bar mitzvas with with a company called cutting edge entertainment.

Jay: You were doing bar mitzvas?

>> No, it was a great gig because like, we’d get up and I’d be dancing.

>> I’d like to see it.

>> Oh, it was so much fun. We just entertain kids and, you know, I get up with the old ladies and dance with them, you know? Do all kinds of stuff.

>> That’s why I say it would be funny to see.

>> Yeah.

Jay: So you’re like a male gigolo.

[ Laughter ]

>> Kind of. Yeah, a pg male gigolo.

Jay: Now, you just had a birthday.

>> Yeah, I just turned 21 in April.

Jay: You’re 21. So you can get screwed on a contract without your parents’ signature.

[ Applause ]

>> Yes. They actually let me go home. I got to go home and hang out with my friends back home, so it was really cool.

Jay: So how did you celebrate?

>> When was your birthday? You had a birthday.

>> I did.

>> When was your birthday?

>> May 9th.

>> Oh, okay, cool. Mine was an April birthday. You’re a Taurus, though.

>> Yes, I am.

Jay: I’m a Taurus.

>> Oh! When is your birthday?

Jay: I’m a Taurus with feces rising.

[ Laughter ]

>> Nice, very nice.

>> Next question. I’m like — I don’t know how to respond to that.

Jay: So, all right, now, we have to ask you. What sign are you, since we’re on this sign thing?

>> I’m a Scorpio, actually.

[ Applause ]

Jay: A Scorpio.

[ Applause ]

>> A Scorpio, all right.

Jay: Oh, okay. You know, I was thinking you two — I was thinking what you would look like if you just swapped hair. Have you ever thought about that?

>> Oh, gee.

>> You know what’s funny, though? Is that I could actually show you.

Jay: Show Kelly. Show Kelly.

>> Not bad.

Jay: Try Justin.

[ Laughter ]

>> Wow.

Jay: Now I know I’ve been reading the tabloids —

>> God is good, I’ll tell you that much.

Jay: I know you two were married a number of weeks ago and you’re pregnant now. Tell us about that.

>> Yes.

>> And we’ve gotten divorced.

[ Talking over each other ]

Jay: And you’re on steroids? Why would you be on steroids?

>> For vocals. And I’m like, if people actually knew that steroids were the worst to possibly take for vocals. But I’ve done everything. I know. Yeah, I’m 21 and I’ve done everything.

Jay: Now, do your parents believe this? Because my mother would believe it. “I read in the tabloids.” “No, I didn’t do it, ma.” “It was in there.” “Ma, I didn’t do it.” Did they?

>> No, the marriage stuff, all that stuff, my mom was like, “okay, whatever, no.” But the steroids and stuff like that comes up, she’s like, “are you sick, baby? Are you doing drugs?” My mom is such a southern mom.

Jay: Are you guys dating or not? Now, what’s the story?

>> No.

Jay: I have some good authority that —

>> Yeah, good authority?

Jay: Yes, the guys.

>> That guy over there.

Jay: He saw you two together. So you’re not dating.

>> No.

Jay: Just good friends.

>> Yes.

>> You, know, speaking of the tabloids, my mom loves the tabloid stuff because her friends are like, “hey, did you see Justin? I can’t believe it, he’s getting married.” It’s like her friends say, “oh, your kid’s making it famous now because he’s in the tabloids.” Like that’s a good thing.

Jay: Now, do you think your parents would like to see you two together? I mean, if they had their way?

>> My parents love Kelly.

>> They’d be happy.

Jay: Just happy. So you’re both single. Are either of you dating anyone?

>> Well, this is a funny thing. Even if I had like a boyfriend, why would I tell the world?

>> Yeah, exactly.

>> Just so they could like, snoop around in my stuff? I wouldn’t tell anyone.

Jay: So you probably have one, you’re just not telling.

>> I don’t know. Are you asking me out?

Jay: Now, tell us about the movie.

>> “From Justin to Kelly.”

Jay: “From Justin to Kelly” and it’s a spy thriller with a lot of action.

>> Yeah, definitely.

Jay: What’s it about?

>> Basically, the way we like to described it is a nice pg romp through spring break.

Jay: Pg romp through spring break.

>> Pg romp through spring break.

Jay: So I’ve got the “girls gone wild” video, it’s nothing like that.

[ Talking over each other ]

Jay: It’s a little different.

>> Yeah, it’s nothing like, yeah, that kind of — raunchy, if you want to say or —

Jay: Is it like the old Annette Funicello kind of thing?

>> We’ve never seen those.

Jay: You’ve never seen them?

>> No. All I’ve seen is “back to the beach,” and they’re like — forgive me, but they’re a little older.

Jay: You kids got to get out more. Let’s show a clip. What’s happening? Oh, here we go.

>> This is actually the scene where we meet. We run into each other.

>> I don’t know what parties you go to, but this was a great party because everybody knew all the choreography and all the lyrics to the songs and stuff like that.

>> It works.

>> Take a look.

[ Applause ]

Jay: There you go. Very cool.

>> Good family fun, you know?

Jay: Well, it’s called “from Justin to Kelly.” And I will check that out. It comes out what?

>> On the 20th.

Jay: June 20th. Okay, well, good luck to you guys. Good luck with the baby and the marriage and everything.

>> Thank you.

>> Thank you very much.

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