Justin Guarini Comes Clean On Relationship With Paula

‘American Idol’ runner-up Justin Guarini spoke with AP radio and insisted that he and Paula Abdul are just friends, despite rumors that arose during the show that they were more than that. Guarini admits he’s not seeing anyone now.

“I’m [married] to this album, and I don’t think it would be fair for me to date anyone. I’m a hopeless romantic, and I love being with my girlfriends. I don’t have time for one at the moment, but I look forward to finding one and settling down with the right girl,” someone with “a wicked sense of humor.” Read more.

‘American Idol’ Ruins Paula Abdul’s Album Plans

June 23, 2003 – Paula Abdul complained to Globe magazine that while serving as judge on ‘American Idol’, she was worked so hard that the show was ruining her attempts at a music comeback. “Ever since I started doing ‘American Idol’, I haven’t had a single moment to work on my own stuff,” Abdul sighed. “I was working on my own record, but they won’t give me a single day off to concentrate on it.” But with ‘Idol’ in the off season now, Abdul says, “I’m going to take time off now to work on my album.”

Paula Abdul Meltdown Over Career Fears

June 22, 2003 – Star magazine reports Paula Abdul of ‘American Idol’ is so terrified of losing it all again, it’s pushed her to the brink of an emotional breakdown. A source tells the tabloid, “I think she’s a mess. She seems to have these wild mood swings where she goes from being elated to totally bummed out in minutes.” Another source added, “She’s trying to do everything – from American Idol, to co-hosting segments on Entertainment Tonight, to launching a jewelry line – to make the most of her moment in the sun.”

‘From Justin To Kelly’ DVD Release Panned

July 18, 2003 – Jay Leno continued his jokes about the ‘American Idol’ movie-bomb starring Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini during his Tonight Show monologue on Thursday, “According to the New York Post, the movie ‘From Justin to Kelly’ is being released on DVD. Released? Escaped is more like it. This is what it says. It says, ‘It’s packed with never before seen footage.’ Duh, that’s basically the movie, isn’t it? Nobody saw the stupid thing. If I didn’t want to see it in the theater, why would I pay to bring this into my home?”

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