Justin Guarini On TRL Friday

‘American Idol’ runner-up Justin Guarini stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Friday to talk about his experience on the hit Fox show with Damien. Justin says he’s been signed by Simon Fuller’s management but was mum about whether he’d have his own album out. Read on for a transcript.

Damien: Anyway my first guest you’ve been waitin’ for this a long time they already know who it is a valiant fight this past Wednesday in the end but couldn’t cut the mustard but give him props Justin Guarini.


Damien: My god. How are you, man good to see you.

Justin: You, too.

Damien: I’m just — there it is. It is the hair that I’ve been watching weeks on TV In front of me here. Congratulations to you.

Justin: Thanks, man.

Damien: 10,000 people and were you the second — runner-up that’s amazing.

Justin: Can’t beat that. I feel so great, man. Uhm, wow! Just to be even in the top 10, let alone the top 30, top 126, top 2 my mind man.

Damien: Interviewed Ryan in the final 11 i thought was a big deal but being no. 2 you hung in there. What do you think it was.

Justin: I don’t know, man just goin’ out there and doin’ what I love I don’t know people liked it, i guess. It was cool. Hi fun


Justin: Thanks.

Damien: A bit of charisma?

Justin: I had fun. I have fun every time i go out there, that’s what it is for me.

Damien: Cool. Every contestant on the show has kinda remained kin crazy. I don’t know they’ve been up and down and a lot of crying and a lot of, uh, a lot of happiness, I think you have remained cool throughout the whole thing. And I’m wondering how you did that. That seems kinda strange, the most watched television show and watched by millions of people and.

Justin: Yeah.

Damien: You did it and — you are like and if you get it you are like, yeah, really happy


Justin: I take life as it is and for me it is a blessing to be doing this. I don’t know, hi all — you know 9 of the other contestants for me and we were there for one another. I think the fact that “American Idol” and fox were so good to us, the staff they surrounded us with good people and you know we always had someone to talk to if not one another it was very cool for me. I took it as a came you know.

Damien: Awesome. Doin’ a great job.

Justin: Thanks.

Damien: Another break. We’ll talk with h more after no. 7 Vanessa Carlton back to your countdown after a short absence i guess you would call it “Ordinary Day” at no. 7


Damien: No. 7 Vanessa Carlton “Ordinary Day” back on your countdown. Justin Guarini here. More television for you feelin’ good here in New York City.

Justin: Yeah, i feel good.

Damien: That’s live in L.A..

Justin: Yeah but i used to live here.

Damien: You were in “Say What? Karaoke”.

Justin: I was here for the millionth video,


Damien: See that. You’ll be a star!


Damien: [Cheering] The last episode was really crazy i think everyone was on the edge of their seat when they were about to announce it and Ryan Seacrest.

Justin: Of course.

Damien: And here’s the winner. He kept saying that.

Justin: Yeah. Yeah.

Damien: So Kelly Clarkson did win and she has an album comin’ out.

Justin: Yeah, yeah.

Damien: In November I think they said.

Justin: Yeah, the single out the 17th.

Damien: I heard you will be on the album. Did she invite you.

Justin: She and I talked about that. We want to write a song and do a duet and first album do the same thing.

Damien: What’s up with that.

Justin: I don’t know. I’m hoping I’ll have an album.

Damien: There is a rumor going around that Simon Cowell actually signed you to a record label is that true.

Justin: We are still talking but I’m signed with Simon Fuller who created the whole show so, yeah, I’m very blessed.

Damien: A deal in the works an album will be coming out.

Justin: Cool.

Damien: Very cool


Damien: We got to talk about the living situation in the house. First of all, i don’t know if everyone knows they all lived together in the house.

Justin: Yeah.

Damien: Like 5 or 6 floors a big mansion. Actually the house that Eve and Alicia Keys do the video in.

Justin: Yeah. We talk about that last week. It is old news


Justin: But we were there about 3 months. That was really cool because I mean all of us are so different and unique and bring somethin’ different to the table.

Damien: Go ahead

Justin: No really after you. You are the host.

Damien: Okay, fine


Justin: So we really had a good time, definitely cool because you can have your space yet you can be altogether at the same time.

Damien: Now that’s all in good but what happened like dirty stuff.

Justin: No, man, no.

Damien: — Fights


Damien: That’s where you people can take care of the rumors.

Justin: No.

Damien: Really, no problems

[Talking simultaneously]


Damien: Did everyone keep to themselves.

Justin: In a bit of everything. When we were stressed out we could go you know five floors down and hang out by the pool or something lying that — like that but it was nice comrade.

Damien: Did they steal your hair products or anything


Damien: Just wondered. One more brake. Hang out. Will you hang out for a while?

Justin: Though actually i have to go but — yeah, I’d love to but I got to go, I’m sorry.

Damien: We’ll take another break.

Justin: I’m sorry.

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