Justin Guarini Trades Kelly Clarkson For A Guy

Star magazine reports Justin Guarini is crying on the shoulder of high-school pal Michael Leach, after being dumped by American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson. “Justin and I are each other’s best friend,” Michael tells Star. “Even when we’re not together, we’ve managed to stay close.”

A videotape shot last month shows the pair singing Elton John duets to one another. “It looked like they were looking into each other’s eyes when they were singing,” says another party eyewitness. “It was slightly odd watching them sing love duets.”

Later that night, the pair played computer game of Strip Poker. “You can choose what type of model you wish to play with,” says a source. “They were playing with a male model.”

Justin Guarini Got A Presidential Birth Welcome

March 4, 2003 – Globe magazine reports American Idol runner-up Justin Guarini was welcomed into the world with a personal phone call by then President Jimmy Carter from Air Force One. Carter was friends with Justin’s mother and called the hospital to congratulate her.

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