Justin Guarini’s Dad Tells Church He’s Honored By Son

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports earlier today, Justin Guarini’s father and retired Atlanta Police Chief Eldrin Bell manned the pulpit at Shaw Temple AME Zion Church in Smyrna. Bell, a licensed Baptist minister, proudly told parents, “That boy of mine, I used to go through what you’re going through. Stand up straight, clean behind your ears, shake hands, speak to people, eat your food. And to have that young man get on national television and say, ‘My daddy’s my inspiration,’ that’s an honor every parent ought to have.”

Justin Guarini’s Nickname In High School Was ‘Justine’

September 7, 2002 – Us magazine reports that a girl who attended Justin’s high school in Doylestown says the ‘American Idol’ runner-up’s nickname was ‘Justine’, because “he just looked so pretty… He looked like a girl.” Justin didn’t fight the taunt, but laughed along with it.

RuPaul Has Secret Crush On Justin Guarini

September 7, 2002 – Contributed Anonymously: On his official site, RuPaul just wrote this in his weblog:

My friend Carlos is in town to cover the ‘American Idol’ finale for his radio station, Miami’s Power 96. So this afternoon, during the hour I watch ‘Judge Judy’, my cell phone rings and it’s Carlos saying that he’s standing next to Justin Guarini and would I like to speak to him. Well fu** me raw! Damn straight I’d like to speak to him! Justin gets on the phone and was as sweet as tic tac pie. We talked about all the hysteria surrounding the contest and stuff like that, but what I really wanted to talk about was where we could meet up later. I should’ve asked him, since he and Kelly were the last contestants left in that Hollywood Hills house this past week, if he ever got the chance to ‘hit it’, you know…part her ‘spam castanets’? I should have at least asked him one question about his hair, like … does the carpet match the curtains? But I didn’t, I was too starstruck.

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