Justin, Kelly And AJ Move On In ‘American Idol’

If you missed tonight’s ‘American Idol’ I’ve posted a transcript. Those moving on were Justin Guarini, Kelly Clarkson, and AJ Gil. Probably the shocker was that Alexis Lopez wasn’t picked, considering both and Simon Cowell had picked her as the second choice. Read on for the transcript.

Welcome back to “American Idol” and the results from last night’s nationwide vote.

That’s right. Tonight we add three more to our final ten. Who will that be?

And remember, even the contestants who don’t win tonight are still eligible to be brought back as our judges’ one wild card.

So without any further delay, let’s announce our first winner of the night.

From among these ten contestants, the first place winner, moving on to the time round, and a chance at a recording contract that could be worth millions, who is it, dunk?

It’s Justin. Yes! Justin!

[ Applause ]

Congratulations, Justin.

Have a seat.

Justin, Justin.

Now you had to be — with all of them voting for you and America loving your look and your sex appeal, the whole — right, right? You had to feel pretty confident last night, did you?

I take the confidence that I have with me up on the stage and it is something I keep inside. There is a fine line between confidence and conceit and, you know, I keep it inside. I take it up with me and, you know —

Why is this something you want to why do you want to be a superstar?

Why do I want to be a superstar? Yeah, that’s always a fun thing. That’s always a fun thing but I love to perform. Honestly, I love to perform. I love to — I got it from when I watched really the Jackson Victory tour. When I saw them up there doing what they do and just taking people away from their fights, their cars, the house, all that, and they were there in the moment with the music, with the performance, it was awesome and that’s something I want to give back to people.

You’re always as cool as the other side of the pillow. Congratulations. One of our seats is now occupied. Two more to fill.

Who will they be? Well, everyone’s got an opinion. And no one has a stronger opinion than our resident critic.


That’s right. She’s back and she has a lot to say. It’s Tamika.

It is Tamika.

The greatest love

Have you been saving your prom dress for a special occasion? Guess what? Tonight wasn’t it.

How can I find some who isn’t even there

A.J., You are a pale, boring, backstreet boy reject.

Would guide you my way

Justin, oh, my god. You can sing the phone book to mend I would be happy. I don’t care what you say, you can sing.

Singing the phone book.

Why is she still here?

She’s — apparently this is her show now.

She’s great.

Some in some ways she’s the American Idol. Did she say anything about you?

Yes, she did.

I thought maybe you would to talk about that for a second.

Well, Tamika, if you’re watching, have you been saving your money for a relaxer because girl, the hair has to straighten out.

Oh, no she didn’t.

Yes, she did!

Gotta get it straight. That’s all.

Okay. Well on that note, let’s take a relaxer ourselves. But before we go, check out these classic moments from our opening rounds of auditions. We call it the “American Idol” audition vault. Watch this.

If you wanna-be with me baby there is a price to pay

I’m a genie in a bottle you gotta rub me

if you want to be with me I can make your wish come true

>>> Welcome back. Justin is on to our final ten. Who will join him?

It is time to reveal our second place winner tonight. Sheer what the judges had to say about it last night.

It is tough, but I believe Angela Peel, second.

I think it is going to be tough but I pick Alexis.


All over the place on that one.


Judges, after thinking about it, want to change your minds? Randy?

No I still think it will be tough. I think it will be a tough, tough voting because there is so many — you guys were great. A lot of you were really good but I still stick by Angela.

Okay. Paula?

I’ll stick by Alexis, too. Even though you guys are all amazing, it
is really difficult but I’m going with you, girl.


I think Alexis did well last night.


In second place, and moving on to the final round of competition, joining Justin in and our three winners from last week, it is Kelly Clarkson.

[ Applause ]


Kelly, have a seat in the second chair. You are moving on. And she said she knew she was going to cry.

I’m trying not to.

Do you cry in movies and everything?

Oh, everything.

Can you describe this emotion you’re feeling now?

Super. And I want to defend myself. I was like — the whole I’m an American Idol, I’m not like that.

Well, congratulations.

Thank you so much. Thank you, America.


Surprised? Surprised?

She was good last night. She was great. She was great. That’s what we said, it is tough because it is, like, we got favorites we choose but she was great.

My name is Kelly.

Grown-ups are talking as we were saying. A lot of calls about you. You did well. Congratulations.

Thank you so much.

Congratulations, Kelly. One seat is left. Which of these eight is going to fill that seat?

That’s right. Last night almost 7 million people voted. So find out who gets to sit over there right after the break. But, you can be sure it won’t be this guy.

Better watch.

If I were a rich man

if I were a wealthy man The viewers have spoken. We’re live at the house of American Idol hopeful AJ Gil. From a picture taken moments after the killing of a local deputy, to the taped confession. We’re live with the details . And the new Ichiro bobbleheads are here.

Two winners Justin and Kelly, have been announced and advanced to the final round of ten. Only one empty chair to fill. Before we do that, let’s give you kids a second to talk with our judges. Could be the last chance to do it. Gill you want to say something to somebody over there. Go ahead.

This is directed to Paula. About this competition — silence, please.

It is his moment.

It is my moment. I’ve been to competitions for a while and you’ve been supporting me the whole way. The wisdom you’ve given me has been precious.
But I didn’t know if you knew this but I have a crush on you. Will you go on a date with me?

I didn’t hear you. He was saying yuck in my ear.

Would you go on a date with me?

I would be so honored.

That’s all you have to do, too easy.

I should have thought of that weeks ago.

We talked about this.

Are you listening to this?

Gentlemen, hang on, did you say the doggone girl is yours?

The doggone girl, like that.

Did you hear the official word. Paula, will you accept the invitation.

I absolutely will without any hesitation. You’ve made me so proud.

Very nice. Congratulations. Who is the real winner tonight? I think
it is gill, ladies and gentlemen.

Judges, back to you, so far we’ve recorded your predictions live on television now, on fox who is going to sit in the third chair. Randy Jackson?

Can I have three names?

One, randy. Come on. We’re running out of time. Come open.


Paula Abdul?


Simon Cowell?


It is time to find out.

That’s right. Let’s do this. Our third finalist of the night —

Our last winner, it will be announced this evening —

Who will give us our sixth winner to move on to the final round of ten —

America, you voted for A.J. Gill. Come on over, A.J.. come on over. Come on over. Take a chair. This is what you want.

I know you were shock. Congratulations, have a seat. Have a seat, buddy. Join this team over here.



A.J., Quickly, we’re running out of time. I want to ask you, did you think that this would happen?

I had no idea.

And how do you feel now?


Let it out. I already did. I paved the way.

Good job.


Judges, I’m seeing a trend.

Thank you, guys. Thank you so much.

Simon, you must have something you want to say about this. America votes him on. You didn’t think he had that it took.

I think he’s a nice kid but like last week, t the voters made a mistake. I’m sorry, A.J., I think there were better people on the show. But they have the vote, I don’t. Congratulations.

The judges don’t decide. America does. Congratulations, A.J.. tremendous job, you guys. You could come back as the wild card winner.

That’s right. Now, tonight, our three chairs are filled once again. Congratulations, you guys.

There they R. Congratulations. Come on. You’re moving on. America, your second group right here. Justin, Kelly and A.J.. thank you so much for watching.

That’s right. Now, let’s look at who will be competing next week.

We keep going. Watch this.

Next week it is Chris, Galana Kalif, Christinia, R.J., Kristin Mark, Nicky, Tanisha and Melanie.

Remember, next week, we’ll add flee more winners to our group of finalists and then the week after that we’ll have a special one-hour show to select our judges’ one wild card winner to make our final top ten.

Join thus Tuesday for our next group of contestants.

Find out more online and we’ll see you next time. Bye-bye, everybody.

Good night.

Congratulations, guys.

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