Justin Lanning Frustrated With California Budget Cuts

sounded off on the California budget crisis on his blog at MySpace (@justinlanning) on Monday (February 16). The singer songwriter tells readers:

I must voice an absolute travesty that is occurring in California. The Gov’t recently decided to completely stop funding the mentally ill and handicapped programs. But OF COURSE they decide to keep the programs for abused and battered women. I am pro woman and a feminist, but an abused and battered woman can still work and generate income to provide for their family, the mentally ill are mostly incapable to work, let alone survive without the help of others. Words cannot express my frustration with the system. I can’t do anything except express my point of view. I hope and pray that the system can change. This blog is my prayer that someone out there who cares or some higher power can help to change this madness. We need to care for the sick!! I wish that our society could be set up to take care of all of those in need.. there is more than enough.. especially if we cut out building nuclear warheads and stupid weapons programs, we could support ALL in need.. around the entire world. I just hope that something changes now, that something bad doesn’t have to happen for big time changes.

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