Justin Lanning Isn’t Changing For Anyone

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@justinlanning) on Wednesday (November 12), following up on his prior blog giving some grief to his pal for being a no-show at his own Halloween bash. The Los Angeles singer songwriter tells readers:

I’m so sick of Hollywood BS. I cant take it anymore!!! Some people got mad at me for my last blog.. but I am rebelling against Hollywood!!! I don’t care if people think I talk trash or whatever…. I’m not saying any lies.. I am the type of person to call people out on things and am very straight up about things… I will look someone in the eyes and tell them exactly how I feel, even if it’s hurtful or inappropriate. It’s just who I am. I cannot hold back myself… I wouldn’t be an artist then… I have to allow myself to be free and as open as possible. If someone doesn’t like it… Too bad for them. Some people like me because I am me. I am not changing for anyone. I ME. “Ashlee” lol. I always liked her first record so much… then it went downhill from there… same with Ry Cab.. I am A HUGE FAN. I love 3 songs off his first record. But if the mofo flakes out I won’t be quiet about it… Why?? Cuz you want to hear it!! You want to hear the juicy gossip… DON’T CHA??!? ha! I would too… don’t feel bad.

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