Justin Lanning: Never Give Up On Love

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@justinlanning) on Tuesday (December 22) with a message about love. The Los Angeles singer songwriter tells readers:

Never give up on love. I want to tell the people out there that if you have someone that truly loves you, never let that person go. I believe that love is always forgiving and always understanding. The greatest quote I have ever heard, “If love changes, then it is not love.” That sums it all up for me!! Real, unconditional love can break any cultural & religious boundary. It is limitless in its essence and power. Yet, I know what its like to be unloved… To be in a place of unconditional love and forgiveness when your partner or lover is not, is the true test of what love is all about. It may seem unfortunate to be without love or worse, to be unloved; But know that there is a purpose for everything. If you have a partner that is less than perfect, accept and love the flaws of that person.

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