Justin Timberlake Next Calvin Klein Model?

Contributed anonymously:

Just wanted to let you all know that Calvin Klein and master photographer Steven Klein have selected *NSYNC star to replace Travis Fimmel for the next 2004 Calvin Klein Campaign. Nobody is supposed to know, but this is what CK gets for choosing someone who’s already famous and not making someone “new” a star.
Model in NY

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10 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Next Calvin Klein Model?

  1. nellysgirl says:

    There was a picture of Justin modeling Calvin Klien underwear, but I think someone said it was fake

  2. Beach_Babe05 says:

    I think that those would be some hot ads but I think Justin needs to calm down a bit.. you don’t want people to get tired or annoyed of you. personally I can’t I love him to death but others don’t agree…. Nellysgirl where can you see those pictures?

  3. popnicklover says:

    OMG, please NO!! Justin is definitely NOT model material! Why him? Why can’t they pick someone new? Someone who’s actually HOT?!

  4. Stallion says:

    I don’t think Justin Timberlake is over exposing himself. Most of the stuff he does involve music and people don’t get tired of music.

  5. iverson_babygurl_3 says:

    holy *****! that would be some sexy pics. shorty is doing his thing right now. (except for that whole Cameron thing) but I hope dis is true. hey pop*****lover alright you ain’t want Justin to be that new CK model, then who IS good for ya, Nick Carter?

  6. weebongo says:

    We’ve seen enough of Justin’s shaved body already. What kind of guy shaves their arm hairs. How fruity.

  7. Beach_Babe05 says:

    he doesn’t shave! what makes you think that??? he has hair on his arms… he even has hair on his lower stomach……… you can see it in a bunch of pictures… plus there is nothing wrong with that a bunch of guys shave at my school.. and they shave everything..

  8. weebongo says:

    look at old pictures of Justin from nsync. he has really bushy arms. you can easily tell the difference. he also trims his chest and stomach hairs. that’s what gay boys do. I wouldn’t be surprised if he trims his leg and but hairs also.

  9. Beach_Babe05 says:

    it’s not like that’s uncommon… guys like to groom now a days… my boyfriend does it and he definitely. is not gay…. it’s not a big deal if guys shave but just for fact reasons Justin does not shave…. I know what shaven arms and chests look like.

  10. weebongo says:

    Justin does shave his arms. You have to look at older pics of him from Nsync. It’s so obvious. If a boy shaves his chest it’s ok, lots of boys do that but once they start shaving their arms and other parts then it turns gay. What part of your boyfriends body does he shave, I sure it’s not his arms cause that would be gay.

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