Justin On Christina And Cameron Romance Media Frenzy

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In the new issue of Us Weekly with and Bobby Brown on the cover, hitting newsstands this Friday, star was full of compliments for his summer-tourmate Christina Aguilera. On backstage antics, Timberlake revealed about the pop princess, “She’s not as wild and crazy as people may think! Christina’s cool with just kicking back, having a few beers and watching a movie. She didn’t really hang out that much on tour. And I probably shouldn’t say this, but the short skirts were nice.” Timberlake also touches on the topic of the media’s interest in his relationship with Cameron Diaz, saying, “Why people care? I don’t know. All I ask is that after they get their shot, they leave us alone. But of course, that’s never the way it goes.”

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10 thoughts on “Justin On Christina And Cameron Romance Media Frenzy

  1. rachel says:

    Disrespectful!! Always trying so hard to prove he is straight by saying the most sexists things ever. Please Justina, save us the crap!

  2. squall says:

    Dave Grohl Compliments Britney!!! Did everyone see what Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters said? He said that Britney Spears was the best lip syncher ever. Triumph also said that when Britney sings live it’s like notes you never heard before… like when someone gets sacked. Pretty sweet eh? Oh yeah, Ms. ALICIA KEYS whipped the floor with Britney and is the BEST FEMALE CD DEBUT OF 2003! Congrats. 618,000 copies in the first week. Beating out Gay Aiken as well. Lastly, Britney’s latest album is doing even worse than her last flop, it has taken 3 weeks to just break the 1 million mark…. with all that promo money… Looks like Britney is gonna be Mariah Carey-ed by her record company pretty soon. Maybe a sex tape with Madonna may help?

  3. weebongo says:

    Essentially Justin is saying Christina is just as boring and dull in person as she is on stage. And to make up for the lack of personality Christina has to dress like a whore or no one would notice her.

  4. squall says:

    Yeah, her tone, projection, range, and technique IS THOUGH… Idiot! Maybe you should learn what real singing is. I don’t know about the rest of her album, cause I haven’t heard it, but I’ve seen her MTV’s and even though Voice Within is just a cheesy American pop ballad…. that’s good singing. There also isn’t all the over ornamentations you are talking about…. sorry the “oohing and aahhing”…. damn you know nothing.

    Good for stripped… I’m talking about ALICIA KEYS, that is talent. Britney should…’, ‘Britney only sold about 100,000 this week… Beans compared to Keys. Also at least Christina Aguilera can sing. What can Britney do? Dance to other peoples music and learn other peoples moves? Wait, I know, pretending that the choras’s voice is her own! Alicia Keys = no much promotion, no pop culture hype…. just talent.

  5. Stallion2 says:

    I agree with what you have to say about Alicia Keys I got that CD the first day it came out but it took Britney Spear CD two week to sale a million copies and this time around three weeks that is nothing bad. She could be like Nick Carter and not sale any record so I doubt her and Jive are being bitchy about it.

  6. squall says:

    okay that’s mean…. I was making fun of Britney Spears in a fun way…… You compared her to the biggest joke since David Hasselhoff! Nick Carter…. dude it’s Christmas…. Making fun is okay… down right insults are a little cruel! Let’s start the complementing by saying Britney Spears is hot as hell regardless if she has no music talent!

  7. weebongo says:

    Christina has no idea how to sing. Her voice is a mess and all over the place. She screeches a shouts. Nothing she does is actually singing. When she isn’t yelling she oohing the crowd to death. To miss all of Christina’s oohs and ahhs you must be a real moron. Everyone knows that’s all she does.

  8. Stallion2 says:

    I’m not trying to insult you I agree with everything you have to say about Britney spear Alicia Keys and Nick Carter.

  9. squall says:

    All the artists at the Grammys from every genre are eligible to vote for Best New Artist…. The majority voted for Christina Aguilera. I guess that means the pros in the industry think she is talented. Also, I only ever see her music industry peers complimenting Christina on her singing. Even the people that hate her always start their insults by saying “she’s incredibly talented but.

  10. brostar2 says:

    For those who don’t believe it Britney has not sold a million yet!!! (READ MORE HERE!)’, ‘You all are so dumb…Britney Spears new album in its third week out has sold just shy of a million having sold about 985,000 copies.

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