Justin ‘Shocked And Appalled’ By Janet’s Breast Flash

KCBS TV in Los Angeles spoke with *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake about exposing the breast of Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl in Houston on Sunday. “I do understand how unfortunate this is,” Timberlake admitted. “I do understand that there were a lot of people that were completely offended by what happened, including my family.”

Timberlake reveals he has been on tour when the request for him to do the Super Bowl came. He says he initially turned down the gig, but accepted when he got a personal call from Janet. Because he was busy in Spain, Timberlake says he couldn’t attend most of the halftime rehearsals. He had one day’s notice of Janet’s plan to do a “costume reveal” and says he was under the impression that the move would only expose a red bustier. “When what happened happened,” says Justin, “I was shocked and appalled. I was completely embarrassed.”

As for CBS’ decision to add a video delay to the Grammys, Justin says, “It’s a great idea.” The interview airs on CBS2 in Los Angeles during the 4PM (PST) newscast.

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5 thoughts on “Justin ‘Shocked And Appalled’ By Janet’s Breast Flash

  1. popmaster167 says:

    well, if they will insist on doing stuff involving revealing clothes & selling sex on TV, then this is how it will bite them back I just wish it would happen 2 people like Britney & Christina though, there the 1’s that really deserve something embarrassing like that!

  2. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    Bull. Justin’s just mad he’s losing the few fans he has left after his last year of lying, cheating, and growing an ego to big for his career.

  3. DJNY2AI3 says:

    like I said before his first statement made him sound like an jerk compared to Janet’s apology. when accesshollywood interviewed him right after it happened he didn’t seem to have a problem with it at all. if he was supposed to reveal the red bustier then this whole thing is mostly his fault. he took too much off.

  4. britoni says:

    I love how he is coming up with excuses. No one believes he didn’t know. He just looks like a bigger ass for the excuses and “wardrobe malfunction” comment. He’s embarrassed by this as opposed to the rest of his career. I’m lovin’ it!

  5. Brentwood_Babe says:

    When you see the replay of it, you see that his face is watching the boob the whole time, yet he never offers to help cover it up. Wouldn’t common sense tell you that if you’re not expecting to see a naked boob, then to cover it up? Especially if you’re on live TV? I’m not saying anything about Janet, I’m talking strictly about Justin. He tore the costume off, he knew he had both pieces of the costume, he never for a second offered to help cover her up, but he sure did stare that boob down, didn’t he? He didn’t even look at the fabric in his hand, to see if he had both pieces of costume. Why? Because he already knew that he had the black part and the red part. He knew, because it was planned. End of story.

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