Justin Timberlake Admits He’s An Animal In Bed

Contributed by DiVa4LiFe: *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake gets up close and personal in the May issue of Marie Claire magazine, talking about losing his virginity at age 15, and his experiences in bed and with older women. “I’ve been doing this since I was 15. Sex has never been taboo for me,” he said. “I enjoy it and I praise it and I embrace it and I celebrate it openly, freely and funly – if that’s a word.”

Justin Timberlake Voted Sexier Than David Beckham

April 2, 2003 – A survey carried out by AOL for Marie Claire magazine has found Justin voted sexier than soccer star David Beckham. More than half the women polled thought Britney Spears’s ex had the edge on Posh Spice’s hubby, while 20% thought the Manchester United star was sexier, and 29% thought they were on a par. Timberlake has become only the second man to grace the mag’s cover for the May issue, following Beckham’s lead a year ago.

Justin Timberlake To Be On Punk’d Again

April 1, 2003 – Contributed by nellysgirl: Justin is scheduled to be on MTV’s new series ‘Punk’d’. The first time Timberlake was “punk’d” by owing taxes of 9,000 dollars. This time he is going to punk someone else — Kelly Osbourne. See video captures here.

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